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    Communication with Coaches & Board Members:

    For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any member of our board of directors or coaching staff.

    Your COTA Board of Directors: 

    Carie Clements - President

    Heilla Lain - Vice President

    Coni Stogner - Secretary

    Ryan Ciccarelli - Head Coach

    Jack Butler - Meet Entries

    Eric Klumpen - Financials

    Lauren Rosprim - Marketing

    Please use the following “rule of thumb” when deciding who to contact with your questions:

    • “Dry Side” questions, matters not directly related to training and competition, please contact a board member (we're here to help!) or use the form below.
    • "Wet Side" questions specific to your swimmer, please ask your swimmer’s coach on the pool deck. If additional attention is needed to a swimmer specific matter, you may follow up with our Head Coach: Ryan Ciccarelli "Coach Chic"
    • Registration: Carie Clements
    • Billing: Eric Klumpen
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